Welcome to the Employee Awareness Association

EAA was established with the goal of educating people on a diversification of topics, including nutrition, weight management, stress management, financial planning, ergonomics and estate planning. EAA works with hundreds of professionals nationwide, including doctors, health care professionals, weight loss clinics, and financial planners. All participating presenters must have an extensive background in the topics we present, and possess a true passion for advancing the community through education.

There is no cost, solicitation or obligation with our Workshops. EAA has a well-established reputation for providing entertaining and informative presentations, delivered by motivated and passionate speakers. Call now to get all the exciting details!

What Do We Do?

We provide educational Workshops for companies nationwide. Our free "Lunch and Learn" Workshops are fun and fast paced. Our goal is to educate employees and provide networking for local presenters and companies. Currently, EAA coordinates over 100 events per month. To date, we have completed over 6500 presentations nationwide. Typically, these events are held on-site at corporations, schools or government agencies, Monday through Friday.

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We would like to offer the opportunity for your company to participate in our free Lunch and Learn Workshop. Please call us today toll free at (866) 648-1544 between the hours of 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM Pacific Standard Time to learn how the Employee Awareness Association can benefit your organization now!

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